Where is the best seafood in China?

Issuing time:2022-11-04 09:59

Where is the best seafood in China? It has always been a topic of debate. It can be said that food in the south is not good at seafood from the north, while food in the north is not good at seafood from the south.

Northern seafood is usually long, long and slow, and the smell of the sea is strong, and many for the pelagic fishing, compared with the deep sea, but too few live fish want to eat more to burn, due to the long storage time, small volume, delicate meat, rich nutrition, low production, the price is more expensive.

The southern seafood, due to its large output, is supplied to the whole country. The southern seafood is mainly characterized by light flavor, light medium fragrance, delicate taste, less impurity, and fresh, which is also the reason why the southern seafood can occupy a dominant position in China.

A lot of people think that the food that people in the north eat is strong, while the food that people in the south eat is light. It's true that Southerners prefer light food on the menu, but sometimes they need something heavy. Like this raw pickled seafood is the southerners love to eat, but the north some places are not used to eating.

With China's vast land mass and long coastline, there is no single place that has the best seafood.

It can be said that China's coastal areas are more famous seafood!

Jiaozhou Bay and Laizhou Bay in Shandong province are famous for Chinese shrimp, barracuda, turtlefish, sea cucumber, sea rainbow, octopus and so on in Bohai Bay.

Qidong and Nantong in Jiangsu Province are famous for various shellfish such as cockle granosa, cockle, cockle and kelp.

Zhoushan and Wenling in Zhejiang Province are famous for seafood such as hairtail, large yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, cuttlefish, pomfret, and jacktail crab.

Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, is famous for nori, abalone, large yellow croaker, flat crab, small tube, spotted shrimp, yellow fin fish and so on.

Guangdong is famous for its horse mackerel, white pomfret, gold pomfret, oil ribbon fish, orchid crab, etc.

As for the domestic seafood is good or imported in fact, there is not much difference!

Domestic seafood and imported seafood have similar nutritional value and taste, but imported seafood has its advantages and disadvantages:


1. Formal seafood products must be audited by inspection and quarantine departments before they can be sold on the market, and imported seafood should implement higher international inspection and quarantine standards, so imported seafood is more standardized and more secure.

2, some like to eat seafood, the friends of all over the domestic seafood, is preferred to choose import seafood products, category, such as Ryan food Argentina red shrimp, Denmark arctic sweet shrimp, Alaskan king crab, Australia tigers crab, Boston lobster and so on, these seafood products are imported from abroad to eat to feel taller.


1. The price is expensive. The imported seafood needs to be transferred through several channels.

2. It is best to only eat live seafood for imported seafood, such as lobster and king crab. Frozen seafood is usually poor in freshness and meat taste after long-term transportation and inspection.

In general, seafood! Seafood! The picture is fresh, as long as it is not farmed, wild and pollution-free, as long as it is fresh enough, in fact, how to do is not bad where to go, but who does not say hometown is good, everyone prefers their hometown seafood.

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